A selection of recommendations from my network regarding my professional experience, global community engagement, and industry expertise.

Additional references can be found on my LinkedIn profile or in my media kit (available upon request). 


Austin Adams

Former CIO
JPMorgan Chase

Rhonda was a senior manager at both BankOne and JPMorganChase when I served those firms as corporate CIO... Simply, Rhonda is one of the most talented and committed leaders with whom I’ve ever worked... There is a long list of strong, positive adjectives I could use to describe Rhonda. She is energetic, committed, customer focused, tough when needed, inspirational,etc... I want to share a not-so-discernible attribute: she is simply the most effective female leader of a male dominated tech and ops workforce I have ever seen... I recommend her without reservation.

JP Rosato

CEO + Owner
CS Technology

Rhonda is a professional through and through. I have worked closely with her and she exemplifies the qualities any organization looks for; leadership; professionalism and dedication to her co-workers. As the leader of a global organization and the corresponding large-scale programs that result, Rhonda manages with great skill, thinks innovatively, and always pushes the envelope. These skills along with her tireless effort to improve herself and those around her makes her an easy endorsement for anyone to make. She takes no prisoners, accepts no excuses and takes on all comers. Look out world the next great leader has arrived! A real world Wonder Woman!!

Jason Rizzi

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation

Rhonda is the person for the job, any job that is – she is the ultimate Team player. As a representative and steward of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Foundation (USOPF) – the philanthropic arm of the United States Olympic Committee - Team USA, Rhonda plays a key role as a Trustee and member of the Team Behind the Team. Rhonda inspires leadership through pure dynamism; she is a positive light and magnet of energy that brings thoughts, ideas and people together to ultimately lead to transformative change.

Team USA is made up of individuals that know how to overcome obstacles, persevere through hardship, and dig deep to crush all odds. Rhonda not only represents all that Team USA athletes are made up of, but also understands the importance and power of teamwork to get to the finish line. Her invaluable service as a Trustee member of the USOPF helps inspire all Americans and our entire global community. We are fortunate and grateful to have Rhonda as a staunch advocate for the Olympic and Paralympic movements and as an acting ambassador for Team USA.  With her help, we know we will always be able to get the job done. Go USA!

Gerry Berg

VP, Global Head of Technology Platforms
Estée Lauder Companies

Rhonda runs a highly efficient organization and believes in “full contact management” thus ensuring her managers not only engage with their people but also have intimate knowledge of what is happening on the front lines where the work is being done. I have worked with Rhonda for almost 10 years at multiple companies and I truly hope to work with her another 10 - or more.

Joshua Swartz

A.T. Kearney

Rhonda has extensive experience transforming organizations - beginning with crafting a strategy and vision, and all the way through to a very meticulous and successful execution. This commitment requires the ability to simultaneously be flexible and strong - a very unique skill which Rhonda has (and is amazing to observe). Rhonda recognizes the power of teams, and she encourages and rewards those who are willing to step up and accept ownership and responsibility. Rhonda thrives on shared success, and she takes pride in helping others succeed, grow, and develop within their own careers. 

Sandy D. Welfare

Executive Director
Women In Technology

Rhonda was a fantastic and engaging keynote for our signature fundraiser - WIT Connect. She became involved very early on by taking the initiative to advertise the event online which was very impactful given her tremendous social following. At the event, Rhonda instantly connected with members of the WIT community - from board members, executives, and even our female robotics teams to whom she provided encouraging words and advice for the future. 

The material within Rhonda's message was insightful, inspiring, and on par with our organization's mission to empower girls and women to excel in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Her personal story was an inspiration for our guests to write their own future in STEAM.

Jay Ferro

CIO/CTO, Angel Investor, Board Member

An inspirational woman, Rhonda Vetere is my mentor, friend, and champion. Rhonda is president of nThrive here in [Atlanta], she was CTO at Estée Lauder, and she is a champion of all things STEM and STEAM.